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As soon as i had saved it( which was an item of cake) i hurried out and bought bottles of (i already had the majority of the other recommended components) and began the program. So i told him that he should read up on what naturopaths are doing. My name is duncan capicchiano and over the last 8 years, i have had a particular curiosity about kidney disease since among my beloved household members, my wife’s nanna, was identified as having advanced kidney failure without warning. Nanna was my first extremely happy patient. He had never heard about anyone going off dialysis. He’d never heard about anyone going off dialysis. ” constance and dave, nungarin, western australia “the results for me personally are very encouraging – a drop of 20 points in the last creatinine reading. Will this solution help me, basically am having dialysis? yes, absolutely. By what they are supposed to be doing and how they could make a mistake. I have advised one of my friends about your system, too!” may allow you to provide your body with the vital nutrients and support it requires which means that your kidneys can heal.