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“Learn Protword8 of how I got my BJJ black belt in only 4 years # SECRETS. ” Roger Gracie’s initial black belt shows YOU his “Nic is my initial black belt as well as for a very good reason. Their guide exhibits his strong participation and commitment to my familyis artwork. ” “not many Jiujitsu black belts on the earth have traversed Protword8 the tricks of Jiujitsu like Nic has to be learnt by # planet, he’s the Indiana Jones of BJJ”

Eddie Bravo, Founder of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu “The Black Belt Blue Print” is crucial have for legitimate students of jiujitsu. Brief, yet complete, it truly is Protword8 for when I commenced training, # guidebook I yearned. In the gentle craft, this book will boost your voyage with intelligence and knowledge on every page. ” “Nic is a great jiu jitsu educator and ‘The Black Belt Blueprint’ is really a fantastic reference for several jiu jitsu individuals. ” This 8- information is finished 170 pages long and characteristics more than 100 complete-color images, plus embedded links to furProtword8 and pertinent films #r teaching assets

The guide covers all the areas of your jiujitsu experience and includes areas on training, fighting, training in Brazil and much, much more Utilizing the rules and insights detailed within, Nicolas Gregoriades gained his black belt in 4 decades and has increased the games of 1000s of individuals global is really a fresh construction that will assist you enhance your brazilian jiujitsu as rapidly and effortlessly as possible. Knowledge the independence and mobility of becoming your own personal finest educator, and never having to regularly reference trainers or YouTube videos. The guide covers all the facets of your jiu jitsu encounter and includes sections on health, fighting, trained in Brazil and much, much more Applying the rules and observations detailed within, Nicolas Gregoriades attained his black belt in 4 years and it has improved the games of 1000s of learners global is really a fresh framework that can help you improve your brazilian jiu jitsu as easily and successfully that you can. Experience the freedom and freedom of becoming your own personal greatest educator, and never having to consistently refer to instructors or YouTube videos.

Eddie Bravo, Founding Father Of 10th World Jiujitsu “The Black Belt Blue-Print” is vital have for true students of jiujitsu. Brief, however detailed, it truly is Protword8 # guidebook I secretly yearned for after I commenced education. With information and encounter on every site, this guide can improve your trip in the soft craft. ” “Nic is a good jiujitsu teacher and WIThe Black Belt Blueprint’ is a fantastic resource for all jiujitsu students. ” This 8- guide is over 170 pages not short and capabilities over 100 complete-coloring photos, plus embedded links to furProtword8 and relevant movies #r training sources.