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Regulate from a half-step into a full two-octave bend. – easily change-up your club period in real time. Or just transform it off for that normal, live feel. Easily autochop your trials to produce of good use products and tools in less time. Not merely for live shows although – you can record and pitch or mod improvements and add them to your productions. Do this several times over, ship, and you’ve a full broadcast ready track ready to be used in studios, with musicians, recording artists, etc. Pick from a great deal of reverbs and delays, or develop your own. Select from a number of integrated cases or transfer your own for that custom feel! – add refined note bends or super octive-spanning droplets and lifts to your production with btv solo’s frequency wheel. – replace or overwrite your performances easily. This really is for real. Editing examples could be a hard, long, and tedious job. It is possible to quantize down to 1/4 and up to 1/64 notes.