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My breakthrough came after i started researching medical periodicals on the physiology of the eye and why eye floaters happen. “i almost went blind? as a result of eye floaters!” allow me to tell you. Actually, i am sure the only real remedies ever described by your healthcare professional are ones that require high fees. They kept getting worse and i had them examined. My dad had been moaning that he was experiencing spots and lines constantly, particularly in bright-light and that his vision kept getting worse. Imagine the satisfaction of comprehending that you do not have retinal detachment or other serious eye circumstances. Imagine taking a stroll by the seaside without having these tiresome floaters spoiling your perspective, or watching television comfortably at home without the irritability of experiencing destinations and sensations. But, only for the sake of asking, how much would you pay to eliminate your annoying eye floaters when and for all, employing a safe, natural and easy process in the comfort of your house? well, if i was to answer that question when i experienced eye floaters i would claim 1000s of pounds! is pocket change set alongside the costs of conventional treatments! i understand what it feels like to reside a lifestyle with eye floaters. As you ages, the amount of eye floaters has a tendency to increase. are remains of varied dimensions and shapes that drift within the eye.