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I had also experienced dysmenorrhea for nearly a year and the pelvic discomfort which accompanied my issue could only be relieved by taking 5-10 painkillers a day! it was unbearable to state the least and because the fibroid didn’t increase by much from ultrasound to ultrasound, my doctor had advised i should make an effort to live with it. Despite what my medical practitioner had recommended,( that i would have my uterus removed) i’ve succeeded in less than 4 weeks to eliminate all the symptoms related to my fibroids( including the pain, bleeding and bladder pressure) and within 6 weeks, my huge 8. I was so relieved to have discovered that surgery wasn’t always the answer, that it can be dangerous and that uterine fibroids can return even after surgical intervention. It has been 3 weeks since i implemented your protocols and i’m now completely clear of fibroids and i’m sure i’m on my solution to become a mother. In under 4 weeks of following your suggestions, both of my fibroids had shrunk by 70% and the next ultrasound taken 7 weeks after i started your plan, had shown that both of those were completly gone. It’d have saved me a lot of fear and sleepless nights. Your information had considerably allayed my doubts. I’m a walking living evidence of that claim. It is a fact- recovering uterine fibroids can never be performed by fixing among the several factors accountable for uterine fibroids. Absolutely gone. As your system basically gave me my life back your hopeful, clear and sensible method of recovery fibroids was worth twenty times the purchase price of the book. 5cm fibroids had shrunk into next to nothing.