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I still firmly believed that my medical practitioner knew best and had given the best medicine for herpes, so i continued to follow his guidance and took the pills as instructed. On the following months my herpes outbreaks seemed less frequent, i’d only two mild outbreaks in nearly five months, so i guessed the tablets were doing there job. Seems walking into that shop and asking the question was a good thing i might have done although still embarrassing. I’m sure many of you’ve looked for a way to get rid of herpes & as me if you attempted the samemethods i’m sure you wound up somewhat disappointed. Cheating companion surprises you using an irritating present. I am now three days in to the protocol and no episodes since, everything is going great’ many people still believe that there is no method to get rid of herpes. But nothing worked & my physician became less and less helpful, i suppose he just got tiered of me. To be honesti could have continued to get the antivirals if i’d not of noticed a group of reactions or side effectswhich i am confident were as a direct result of taking the herpes suppessents over an extended period. The length of medicine lasted for five days & after the seventh day it appeared to be the drugs had worked. I am sure lots of you have looked for a solution to get rid of herpes & as me if you attempted the samemethods i’m sure you wound up just a little disappointed.