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All instruction is via e-mail. The jump manual: the only program that targets every facet of vertical explosion. I have educated 45 year olds go from touching the wheel, to dunking a basketball.   don’t cheat your-self out-of important results by neglecting not known training aspects. Your body is likely to be strengthened and less prone to damage in “uncontrolled environments. ” proper training will not only enhance performance but decrease risk of injury. The majority of other applications basically identify one training process and therefore lose out on the tremendous good thing about a thorough multi-faceted training strategy.  a knowledge of correct training practices and why 90-year of people are doing the right exercises will sky-rocket your results. You need an individual who can make sure that you completely determine what goes to be effective. What exactly is the jump manual? the jump manual can be an “all in one” vertical jump training application that delivers you everything you need in order to obtain your optimum vertical jump and quickness. I provide exercises you can perform with or without a weight room, a weight room is simply a practical way to provide resistance to muscles. F you are undoubtedly serious about thriving you need a coach.