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Beethoven, bach, chopin, mozart, strauss, brahms, eric satie, verdi, jean philippe rameau, scott joplin and more. Learn to improvise and create your own personal songs – the entertaining way! by the end-of the book you’ll be playing some fantastic songs. Workouts in every key. Just the practice aids and different scales and memory strategies in book 9 are worth the purchase price of the course, alone! you can find a couple of things that produce this course be noticeable. You’ve made me a happy slave to my keyboard and noise!

increase your creative ability by 400% how do you want to increase your abilty to discover and be creative by a whopping 400% with no to rehearse extended hours. All will soon be revealed if you download pianoforall. Paul” robin, i bought your course a number of years back and i must trust all of those other comments your course is completely fantastic. I’ve given up on that and i’m actually understanding therefore easily now by applying what you teach. Really just amazing, there just dont appear to be enough hours in the afternoon to get through it. First, all of the video and audio tracks are embedded in the lesson. Thanks again and keep up the great work! preferably within the next six months i’ll involve some piano style demos up on my website http://www. ( 21 videos / 43 audio)

enjoy good beat style piano right away with piano notes, 10 classic party rhythms, a good piano note ballad, lots of keyboard diagrams, methods, bluffs, formulas and loads of progressions within the style of classic songs.